Trishla Orthopedic Clinic & Rehabilitation Center

was started with very small set of two rooms in an old building in year 2005 but with high aim. Initially this center used to provide consultation to all difficult orthopedic problems but now this center is being recognized as a center of excellence in providing comprehensive care in the field of orthopedics especially pediatric orthopedics & reconstructive surgery.

Center has given new hope of life in more than 8000 children with different orthopedic problem like congenital anomalies (CTEV, CDH, Proximal femoral deficiency, fibular hemimelia , tibial hemimelia ), cerebral palsy, post polio residual deformity, limb shortening, post osteomyelitis joint & bony deformity, meningo-myelocoele. At present it has orthopedic clinic with well develop Rehab Center. all major surgeries are being performed at private Hospital setup equip with all modern facility.           






1. Routine orthopedic consultancy

2. Specialized Consultancy for pediatric orthopedics

3. Radiology

4. Medical store

5. Minor orthopedic procedure

6. Minor orthopedic OT

7. Major orthopedic surgery (done by Dr. JK Jain at Parvati Hospital Pvt. Ltd. set up)

Cerebral Palsy- An Overview

Cerebral palsy is the term used to define most common neurological disorder that occurs in infancy or in early childhood up to 3 year age, and after that it permanently affects body movement and causes lack of muscle coordination but it didn’t get worse over period of time. Cerebral palsy is the disorder that causes impair control of movement due to damage in the developing brain. Cerebral Palsy is non-escalating brain disorder, means it doesn’t goes worse throughout life. Its proper symptoms can be detected early even at the age of 3-6 month. The child can have mental retardation along with learning disabilities, speech, and vision or hearing problem. Premature infants are mostly vulnerable to this disorder. Cerebral Palsy also sometimes caused genetically.

Cerebral Palsy is broadly classified into three types
Spastic cerebral palsy:- child feels difficult to move and have rigid movement.
Athetoid cerebral Palsy :- child has intemperate movement among body part.
Ataxic cerebral palsy :- unable to have sense of balance and depth perception.


In most of the cases (approx. 70%), Cerebral Palsy originates due to brain injury during a baby’s evolution in the womb. Some of the additional cases are also diagnosed in which brain injury occurs during the birthing process. Premature delivery particularly those who have weight less than 3.3 pounds (1.510 gms ) are more vulnerable. Some of the major causes of Cerebral Palsy are:-
1. Infection during pregnancy: It directly harms the developing nervous system of the foetus. Also, some virus and parasites like toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus etc. are responsible for infection.
2. Intense jaundice in the infant : in the case of new-borns, jaundice is treated with light therapy however, in some rare cases, intense and uncured jaundice can damage the brain cells.
3. Incompatibility of antibodies or RH between mother and infant: in this case the mother’s body may behave as allergic to the baby and this will cause to the attack of antibodies to fetus’s red blood cells, and this creates anaemia. Finally it causes severe brain damage in the fetus or causes cerebral Palsy.
4. Significant trauma to the head during delivery: severe lack of oxygen to the brain during delivery also causes brain damage in infants.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

There is no such cure of cerebral palsy; however, a proper cerebral palsy treatment can enhance the capabilities of a child. Cerebral Palsy treatment includes various therapies like physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Under cerebral palsy treatment, utilization of various drug control seizures and to alleviate pain is done. Cerebral Palsy surgery treatment is used to formulate anatomical abnormalities or release tight muscles, a type of braces and some kind of orthotics devices are also use involved in cerebral palsy surgery treatment. Communication aids like computers with attached voice synthesizers are used in this treatment. The treatment of a child begins soon after complete diagnosis and sometime it continues all through the child’s life. By having proper physical therapy, child can be given good quality of life. But some time child need surgical intervention in spastic variety of cerebral palsy. It is very important to continue therapy after surgery for long duration.

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